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Flying In The Face Of Danger? Tackle Frequent Flyer Program ATO

News flash: miles are not just distance traveled! In fact, they are a hot commodity on the black market: thousands of points from frequent flyer programs, such as Emirates Skywards and Delta SkyMiles, are being sold. Miles are so highly sought after that a staggering…

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Defending Against Loyalty Program ATO: Scoring Points Over Fraudsters

It’s not just about the points- from free custom makeovers, to access to exclusive clubhouses, to donating to communities in need, reward programs are putting a new spin on loyalty. One thing is for sure: both customers and retailers are loving it. In fact, 72%…

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Moving Beyond Rules: Win Customers with Fraud-Free EGift Cards

If you are part of the 81% of eCommerce retailers who offer eGift cards, you should be celebrating. eGift cards are growing wildly popular and business is booming. 82% of retailers who offer eGift cards experience an increase in sales, and global eGift card sales…

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OVO, Indonesia’s Leading Payments Platform Partners With Award Winning Fraud Management Solution CashShield To Strengthen Security Measures Against Fraud Attacks

Analyzing millions of data points in real time to detect fraud in fractions of a second Jakarta, Indonesia, December 11, 2018 – Today CashShield, the first and only fully-machine automated global online fraud management company,and OVO, Indonesia’s leading payments platform, announced a partnership that will…

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Machines vs Humans: Cutting Through the Hype

Self-driving cars, image recognition, speech recognition, medical diagnoses and playing chess – machine learning has been making waves everywhere and continues to improve technologies across multiple industries, especially so in cybersecurity. The end goal surrounding such applications is to move towards increased automation, self-learning and…